Ankle Walker Boot
Ankle Walker Boot

Ankle Walker Boot

Nappi Code
Small - 1138579001
Medium - 1138580001
Large - 1138583001

The KEDLEY Orthopaedic Ankle Walker provides
rigid support and stability around the ankle and joint.
The Velcro straps are fully adjustable to enable a
comfortable fit.

Specially designed to enable the wearer to get out and about whilst providing a high level of support and protection to the ankle.

Suitable for soft tissue injuries trauma and
rehabilitation, stable fractures grade 2, and 3 sprain
and post-operative use. The KEDLEY Walker comes
with adjustable air chambers that compensate for
changes in swelling, maximizing patient comfort.

Size Option Code
Small - (Female 4-8) (Male 4-7) KED073
Medium - (Female 8.5-11.5) (Male 7.5 -10.5) KED074
Large - (Female 12-13) (Male 11-13) KED075