Plantar Fascia Sleeves
Plantar Fascia Sleeves

Plantar Fascia Sleeves

Nappi Code
Small - 1155600001
Medium - 1155598001
Large - 1155597001
XLarge - 1155595001

The Plantar Fascia Sleeves provide targeted compression to support the arch and heel area of the foot. This helps relieve pressure on the Plantar Fascia (connecting the heel bone to the toes).

The Sleeves are designed and produced from high quality, light weight, breathable materials to help with recovery from injury and to prevent further damage.

Size Chart - Measure around the middle of the ankle

Size Option Code
Small (15cm - 20cm) KED084
Medium (20cm - 25cm) KED085
Large (25cm - 30cm) KEd086
XLarge (30cm - 35cm) KED087